Advantages of Integration of Mobile Application with ERP

One of the most cutting-edge trends within the sphere of ERP integration is mobile ERP providing greater productivity and higher quality of services. Mobile strategies are beginning to take form in the small-to-medium business ERP space. The main way of using this kind of integration is through a mobile device such as a Smartphone or a Tablet instead of desktop computer.

Below listed are the advantages of integration of mobile apps with ERP.

1. Mobile ERP systems provide improved quality of services to users by giving them access to relevant information.
2. Mobile ERP helps users to use the time productively. All mobile users have tools, materials and information to eliminate downtime.
3. Having information at their fingertips helps mobile users deepen the business relationships.
4. The ability to deliver real-time information on-the-spot to accounts helps organizations in improving their competitive advantage.
5. Mobile ERP software makes it easy for workers to enter all relevant data accurately as they gather it in the field without re-keying the data into back end systems.
6. ERP leaders like Microsoft have started to develop mobile applications for reporting and dash-boarding to systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP and mid-market ERP systems.
7. With mobile ERP, mobile users can take advantage of the functionality, data, and benefits of ERP application not only in the office, but anywhere.
8. Just like ERP, the Mobile ERP is a group of integrated applications. So a company can use this service to store and manage data at every stage of the business.
9. Enhanced attention towards customer, prospect needs and investigations.
10. Instantaneous access to work center productivity.
11. Improved workflow and expedited approval process.
12. Informed decision making.
13. Value-added communication and coordination.
14. Mobile ERP can help in managing resources efficiently. Manage personnel, funds and processes more transparently.