What do customers’ expect from online store?

ecommerce and customers

Online stores have created a revolution of sorts. Keeping pace with the rapid speed of this industry to conclude the sale is the pricing and shipping.

In spite of plugging all loopholes to correct any flaws, the unexpected inflation of final price relating to shipping and statutory taxes is the main culprit for cart abandonment; as the pricing/shipping information appears as a hidden cost.

Moreover, if you are quite popular and a household name, you have to room for improving your site and increase your dependability.  Trustworthiness is one such important quality of the website that takes your business to a new height.  A professional design with store ratings and mailing address on your contact page can help in raising the bar of trustworthy and credible.

A note of warning; displaying expired SSL certificate warning alerts will prompt your customers to abandon the cart. Sometimes even the largest sites get caught unknowingly.

Almost all online stores display their products on the home page, but not every site.

Customers want to spend quality time when visiting the site. They expect easy accessibility of all the information required before they decide to make a purchase.  The study, however, does not specify whether customers fancy seeing individual products displayed on the homepage. For instance, featured products, new launch or best sellers and with a little creativity, the products could be presented dynamically.  All the same, it makes sense that the customers would prefer to explore the right product information on the site’s menu and not get lost pointlessly.  Moreover, is it not the aim of the home page anyway to woo the customer and earn a click?

Great and Visually Alluring Website

The look and feel of your site are the qualities expected by customers, in addition to trustworthiness and credibility. Using people’s (read prospects and visitors) feedback and available tools to gauge whether your site is aesthetically appealing.

Displaying taxes and shipping before checkout reduces checkout abandonment significantly. However, it does not boost conversion rate radically. Before checkout, if the people feel the additional charges are too high, it is quite likely they may even abandon at the end. Here you are generously appreciated by your customers when you provide these tools to show rates beforehand.

For the success of your E-Commerce which is considered to be important for site search, your product catalog should be large enough to cover an array of products.  All E-Commerce sites, both branded and not so popular ones have a search box.

Search engine friendly website content

The functionality of search and site search box is fundamental requirements. The Google’s “suggest” feature has made web users complacent and comfortable as the search engine suggests terms as the user types. Many e-tailers have started adopting autocomplete tools in order to improve the relevance of search results.  It also reduces the occurrences of “zero results found”.  The e-tailer is a retailer who sells goods via the medium of electronic transactions on the internet. The users may expect suggestions and product results, as they type, rather than after they punch, “submit.”

Search result usability is important as customers expect filtered navigation to refine results further by meaningful aspects such as; category, color, size, price, star ratings, etc.

Killer search result pages provide filters and the capability to sort results that also show prices, stock availability, large thumbnail images, product descriptions buttons for add-to-cart and add-to-wish list.

Some people look for privacy policies just for the sake of the record. It is pertinent to not just to have one but to make it easy to find wherever the customer experiences on your site – “privacy anxiety”.

Studies suggest the popularity of ratings and reviews with customers. In fact, the reviews reduce the risk of making a bad purchase. It shows an online seller is trustworthy even when negative reviews appear.

Further review content helps your search engine rankings. A variety of keyword phrases appear on your pages much more than your product description.  Incidentally, your reviews do not appear in a frame that is not read by search engines.

Reviews and testimonials are not always trustworthy; cannot be fully relied upon as only the best ones are published. However, it can give the customer a confidence level in transacting with you even if you are not a big brand.

A study suggests that 76% of customers prefer to chat about checkout problems.  The live chat helps customers figure out your site and identify products besides asking pertinent questions by preventing cart abandonment.

Moreover, live chat, which can be interactive, where a clear call-to-chat appears on your site and the customer, initiates the conversation.

Wrapping up!

We at Dociletech, are more than just surprised to learn that over 1 in every 5 consumers want to see social sharing tools on a commercial site. We cannot even imagine the absence of social links would prevent someone from making a purchase. This could possibly be the result of how the question was presented, presumably. The modern customers wish for the moon. They want to see these links only because there are sites available dime a dozen present on the social network bandwagon although they may not use them or make any purchases at all.

Your products eventually will find patronage by your customers; thanks to the social sharing buttons. Your site may also take a beating, performance wise. At Dociletech, we know the site speed is one of the critical factors so we feel this may not be worth in terms of bounce rate, customer satisfaction, loyalty including conversion etc.