Harmonizing Content and Design for effective Web Design

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Have you ever thought about learning a new language? Or have tried to spell random sentences without knowing the meaning of it?

We are sure most of you did. That is the natural human curiosity doing its work!

Normally, you will find people speaking three languages but to learn more than what we usually prefer for classes or web tutorials and even a personal tutor who guarantees of making you master in just one month!

To master any language, the one thing you must have is the good listening ability for effective communication. But in this blog, we are going to discover the one language we are fluent naturally, i.e. comprehending visual graphics. Whether it is the logo, web themes, templates and so on!

One of the best creations formed with the combination of images and content is infographics- where ideas are depicted in a creative manner. This concept of non-verbal communication is widely used in the branding and identity of any business.

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Due to the advancement in technology, communication is becoming more pictures based than text. You can see its vast effect on social media platforms where most of the communication takes place icon and logos.

For example, a simple green circle symbolizes that you are evergreen online! While a red blinky symbolizes a live video streaming, and various other icons and logos symbolize various emotions in an easy way.

In web design, this non-verbal way of communication has gained a new way of perception among audiences. In fact, it is the body language of the web! So while you are designing a website, the unity of design and content are sync in harmony.