How SEO & Design are related to your website?

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Let’s say you have built a website. By combining various designing techniques, you have crafted the final product that screams attractiveness. Obviously, a clean UI/UX provides a delightful customer experience. And, for web designers making the website design look striking is the primary task.

One of the reasons businesses today fail to gain more customer base is that they solely focus on the “gift wrapping” of the website. We will further look in more detail how “gift wrapping” affects various dimensions of your website.

A website is a tool for communicating with real people, who will buy goods & services from you. But what will be the use, if it is not hitting the potential customer of your business?

Hence designing a business website should be an elaborated marketing effort. Most web designers or rather say web designing companies merely focus on using the latest web design trends, causing less “user-centered” design process. This is the case of “gift wrapping” of the website. What people out there are particularly looking for is the actual “gift”. That is goods & services which are beneficial for them.

So to market your goods & services to the potential group of customer you got to leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization. This case will bind the two important components of the website- i.e. design and SEO. So next time you just got to put some simple SEO strategies into every web design you deliver. For this, you need to have some basic knowledge of web design and SEO. Or to hire services from a Professional Website Design and SEO Company.

Let’s dig into this further. The task of search engine optimization begins much before the website design process is initiated. When it comes to your online presence, search engine optimization has a lot to do with website design. Simply put, it is about the “gift wrapping” and also about “gift”.

As the largest website traffic comes generally from organic search, your first step is to ensure that a search engine can easily crawl and understand the content. Be sure that content is easily discoverable, understandable and sits in the overall design structure of the site. With the right mix, and some amount of patience you will get a pretty good foundation for web design and SEO.