Web Designing & Development

Web Designing & Development

Web Design

Web design deals with the aesthetics and usability of a website, including things such as color, layout, and information flow that are vital for user experience. Manly concerned with what a user actually sees on the screen, web designers bring together the digital experience through typography, graphic design, color palettes and more. Often, they pull together a mock up of the website to showcase how it will look to a user, but don’t actually use any code to make it user friendly yet: that’s a web developer’s job.

Web Development

Web development deals with code to make a website work. Web developer’s use tools such like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and many other frameworks to program a website. It is a web developer’s job to take the design from the web designer and make it functional for the user on the other end. Front end and back end developers work together with the web designer to determine how the designs and mock up will actually display on the screen, and then put in the tools so that a user can properly access the website.

At Dociletech, we develop SEO and user-friendly websites to help improve your business’s visibility and online authority. Our designers and developers will take into account your requirements’, ideas, and the customers you wish to target. They will discuss your goals and ideas to help you outline the perfect website, innovative, creative and unique to you and your business. We use the latest technologies and tools to make sure your website is up to date, runs smoothly and brings to life the website your business deserves.